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Isaac, 20 day Newborn Photography, Hereford

It’s said that by far the best time to catch newborns for their photography sessions is within the first ten days of life, often the earlier the better. Well, Isaac has gone and blown that one out of the water! Such is the nature of having a baby, we had to reschedule a few times and he was twenty days old by the time we were able to set a date. Yes, he was very alert and no, he was not so willing to be curled up as much as a younger newbie, but his character shone through, he made very cute stretching poses and got himself into positions that were just as adorable as posed newborns. As an extra bonus I got to have a lovely cuddle with him whilst I rocked and shushed him to the land of nod.

Also, look at his eyelashes! It often takes a couple of weeks for babies’ eyelashes and eyebrows to thicken up and they certainly show here.

So, turns out the wait was more than worthwhile. Enjoy your gorgeous baby and preview of his pics, Rachel and Graham.

See what I mean about those lashes… beautiful.

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