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Jude, 8 day old Newborn Baby Photography, Hereford Photographer

Just look at that thick mop of dark hair and that super sweet double dimple on his bottom lip… Not only was Jude adorable, this little man also made my job incredibly easy. He was so relaxed and willing to be curled into sleepy positions, as long as he got a cuddle from Mum between set-ups. When he was awake he was a very cool cookie, taking in everything around him, providing me with great opportunities to capture those amazing bluey-grey eyes. Thanks Jude!

Big sister Imogen was so good with her new baby brother, always willing to give him a kiss or stroke his hair. In fact, although this was a newborn shoot, she was so beautiful and such a little starlet in front of the camera that I couldn’t help but get her in on the action between takes!

I know Jude’s Mum can’t wait to get the final set of photos so I thought in the meantime a sneak peek here would be a nice little Mother’s Day surprise – Happy Mother’s Day, Alison!

By Helen Catton

Baby boy in blue blanket

Baby Boy Profile

Mum looking at Baby






Big sister

Baby being held by Dad

This last one made me giggle – flexing his biceps already!

Baby posing

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