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Lovely Laura’s maternity photography – by Helen Catton, Hereford

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, Laura! How stunning is this lovely lady?! I felt like I was on a star spotting mission when editing these – I can see so many different star’s faces in Laura. She and I are due to have our babies just three days apart next year, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of each other, which I’m delighted with. In the short time we spent together for her maternity photos it became clear what a lovely person she is. And she’s going to be an amazing mother to boot!

Here are a few of her beautiful images.

laura-davies-maternity-helen-catton-photography-hereford-164-edit laura-davies-maternity-helen-catton-photography-hereford-154-edit-edit laura-davies-maternity-helen-catton-photography-hereford-171-edit



laura-davies-maternity-helen-catton-photography-hereford-39-edit-2 laura-davies-maternity-helen-catton-photography-hereford-99-edit laura-davies-maternity-helen-catton-photography-hereford-66-edit laura-davies-maternity-helen-catton-photography-hereford-134-edit

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