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Summer, Newborn Photography, Hereford baby photography

A few weeks back I did this mini newborn session with Summer, whose parents and siblings I also had the pleasure of photographing for Lisa’s maternity photography session earlier in the year (see it here).

Summer is the beautiful little sister to proud as punch big brothers Alfie and Archie. Mum Lisa just wanted some photos of her precious new girl to remember these early days by and of course really wanted some of her with her big brothers. I couldn’t resist getting a few in of Lisa and her girl too though!

I must say, getting the foot shot was a challenge. I’ve never known three little ones to wriggle around so much, and I’ve come across some wrigglers in my time! I think the result is great though and you can’t force kids to be still and hold their feet perfectly straight when it’s not natural for them to want to do so, especially when there’s so much excitement going on.

The crown that Summer is wearing was designed and made by Lisa for her to wear on her wedding day. I adore personal touches like this and encourage everyone to use lots of lovely family items in their pictures.

It was such a lovely surprise when, just as I was about to leave after our shoot, Alfie and Archie gave me a beautiful plant which is now sitting prettily on the windowsill outside my office.  I just hope this weather perks up to give it some sunshine!

Thanks for the very sweet gift  boys. I hope you’re enjoying being big brothers and looking after Summer as well as you were when I saw you last.

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